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Web and mobile app for your team.

Effective and productive

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Visualise your data to make data driven decisions

CLIDE Analyser is so visual, easy, and intuitive, you don’t need training. Create your ideal workflow in minutes  based on your present organisation workflow to collaborate your team in one place. The easy-to-use, visual interface lets any team member jump in and get started, no training required.

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Your data is all over

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Predictive Analytics and score board for your team
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Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, map, form, workload, and main views transform your data so you can see it the way you want to - from colourful and complex to basic and muted. Use kanban  views to track UAUC, NM and IRA and make sure you’re meeting deadlines successfully. Teams see their work update to know how they are contributing towards organisation safety.
Kanban view helps teams map out tasks and sprints. And Workload view lets managers’ see who’s busy with what - no awkward conversations needed.

One app - Many solutions

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95% of the workflow is on mobile app

Communicate with everyone, whether you’re working from your couch, on the road, or in the office. Discuss, view, updates, and feedback in real-time via our mobile app, or get up to speed in seconds using offline mode (coming soon). Enjoy a tailor-made experience for your device and make sure your team has everything centralised at their fingertips.

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Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organisation.

Join us and make your company a safer place.  

Automate  Easily.

Automate the workflow on the go and let the app do it work, may it be reminders, notification or alerts.

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Set up an automation in seconds and leave your routine tasks in the dust. Get notifications, create items in other boards, assign owners, update statuses, and more in less than 1 minute flat. Eliminate human error, focus on the work that matters and stop worrying about whether something is updated or not.

Make data driven decision a habit 

Gain insights about the way your team really works. Check out where you’re making progress - and where you need to improve up performance. Build-in data dashboards bring all your data across boards into one place.  Add counters, graphs and charts to visualise your data in several boards. Our dashboard view keeps things spicy with color-coded visuals based on task status. Track costs, analyse trends, and share with your team so everyone can see the same data. Make a habit out of improving productivity, reducing burnout, and making data-driven decisions.

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