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Predictive Analysis

CLIDEOffice Safety Application advance predictive analysis tool helps you analyse the safety data and predict the various future trends. Knowing the future trend based on big data analysis helps you make precious decisions for developing risk reduction strategy and reduce incidents.

Data Driven Decision Making

Enterprise risk management tool enables structural and systematic approach towards minimising organisation risk. By supporting uniform risk assessment methodology and standards, the tool provides an accurate understanding of risk across the organisation and clear visibility into the top risk trends. Real-time insight into risk management can help you make data driven safety decision to develop risk reduction strategies.

Mobile, Tablet and Laptop

Application offered on various platform add amazing features which makes its the first choice of customers. Don't loose insight of the data which is important before you make a decision to develop incident free workplace. Let your data talks to you.

Customisation on the Go

CLIDEOffice S.A. can be customised as per the need of the organisation. The inbuilt customisation tool makes if easy for organisation to built its own workflow and map the processes. CLIDEOffice can be integrated with some of the other standard application to make it an enterprise solution.


CLIDEOffice S. A. cloud / on premises is affordable for organisation looking for onetime data driven safety solution. In any plan you only pay for the number of subscribed users and not for the entire software, which make its more affordable and best choose of customers.