Data-Driven Decision Making

Get actionable insight from your safety data with CLIDE Analyser to make strong decisions. Everything you need to create safer workplace on one platform.

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TBT    Training    Policy


Audit    Inspect    Checklist


Survey    Poll    


Suggestion    Contest    Quiz


Badge    Top Performer     

Risk Assessment

WPS     JSA    CSM


Scoreboard    Predictive     

CLIDE Studio

Stuido App


HSE Academy

Track key performance EHS indicators. 

Empower your business.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Unify business data from various sites, departments and locations to derive valuable insights and improve your safety performance 

Blend data from different sources to build meaningful reports and drive intelligent decision making.    

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What you should expect?

Expect the ROI in first 3 months - Guaranteed 


CLIDEAnalyser  improves your employee engagement ratio in safety activities


CLIDEAnalyser helps appreciate employees more for their contribution to safety


CLIDEAnalyser helps users take more challenges to achieve "0" in-game format


CLIDEAnalyser predictive analytics helps you visualise the future

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Get started fast with safety visual and customisable templates - or create your own

Meet every organisation's needs.

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How does it work?


CLIDEAnalyser Safety App based on user and apps


your app workflow as per business/ industry need


the data and let the system analyse it for you


predictive analytics features to achieve "0"

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Analytics on the move

Interact with your data, reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere, from your mobile devices.

Start visualising your data today.

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Transform data into insights

Turn raw data into insightful reports and dashboards  . Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers and predict the future.

Let your data talk to you.

C-Predict Tool

One App - Many Solutions!

Customise your need on the go


Make decision with confidence in real-time with 
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90% of the workflow on mobile, online, and offline mode

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Manage the entire application with one click and stay updated with your data

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Use the application for high-end data analysis to make strong decisions

Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organisation.

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