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Now don't let your team miss any important safety precaution before the start of the work. Search and watch the TBT in no time from the in-app playlist.

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    TBT Workflow


    TBT in no time


    TBT Video, Images, PDF or text


    with the team on one click


    Build competency for future 

    TBT Competency App  

    Let your team choose the topic from the pre-defined list of TBT and conduct TBT in a visual format. Now don't let your team miss any important safety precaution before the start of each. Standard TBT can be selected from the marketplace as per your organization's needs.

    TBT Auto-Assign Workflow

    App Identifies 

    High-Risk Activities

    Auto Assign

    TBT and Training  to the team


    TBT & Training Trend


    Build competency for future 

    Amazing TBT App offerings
    Let you build your own TBT library in no time.


    Create your own TBT in no time by simply capturing the video of any activity from TBT app and let your team gain access to watch it.

    Video / Image

    Upload multiple video or image and edit the images with online editing tool with text to make you TBT content rich.

    Text /PDF

    Write text or upload standrad PDF format as TBT content in any language for easy understanding.

    TBT AI App

    Inbuilt AI tool identify high-risk activities and assign TBT to concern team members to enhance competency.

    Training App

    Design your own competency matrix, get autosuggestion for training programs based on data analysis from various other apps like UAUC, NM, IRA, audit, and many others.    Build competency of your team effortlessly by using the competency AI app. The app works on AI technology to identify high-risk activities and makes decisions to assign TBT and training.

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    Assign training program easily
    Automatically assign training to people based on location, zone, department, contractor, or other preferences.

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    Identify Accurately

    CLIDEAnalyser pulls together all observations, risk factors, the probability of closing and shows how much risk can be reduced.

    It helps you identify training needs the competency needed for the future so that we can make decisions today to make tomorrow safer.

    Training App Features

    *Training Needs  

    Get the skill gap analysis based on the various parameters to know the competency matrix.


    Schedule a training program based on the auto recommendation or of your own in a few clicks.


    Invite participants to attend the training program with pre and post-assessment tests to get the analysis.  


    Conduct classroom or online training with the online training app from anywhere to build competency. 

    Policy Management App

    Let your team stay updated with the safety management policy or refer them anytime anywhere. 


    Create "n" of policies in video, image or pdf / text format. Upload flowcharts or ppt for your employee to read them anywhere anytime.  


    Share the policy based on the level, location, departmenet or any other preference to access rights on just few clicks.


    Dashboard helps to know how policies are read/ viewed by the workforce to know which are polices most refered.

    G- Quiz

    To engage your employee create small gamified quiz to enhance knowledge on policies amongs employees.  

    The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong competency enhancement process. 

    The competency App is strong and easy.