Predictive Analysis

"Achieving Zero" is reality, know where the next Incident can happen.

Analyse observation data to forecast behavioural pattern, enterprise risk trends and reduce incident occurrence using CLIDE office big data analysis

CLIDEOffice Module

Safety Observation Index

Get observation index for every UA/UC reported to know the present enterprise risk trend and develop risk reduction strategy for future.

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Safety Audit

Design your own audit templates and use them for your organisation. compare audit data to know the NC Trend, Compliance trend and track your action plan for completion.

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Policy Management

Policies are nothing but decision making standard documents which help individuals take correct action in a particular situation. Make them easily available to everyone whenever they need it for decision making.

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Contractor Assessment

Assess every contractor before they become a part of your business growth. Their substandard safety values can be expensive for your brand/ goodwill. Protect your brand.

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Some of the amazing feature
would you love to use

Every feature of our CLIDE office offers a unique learning. Let this learning add more value to your organization.

Kanban View

Organise your enterprise risk in kanban view to become more efficient and help your team trigger the right action.

Appreciation Badge

Reward your team for reporting incident without a split delay to engage in safety activities.

Case Study

Automate case study circulation based on incident trends to offer better learning and create a learning culture of safety.

Learning Dashboard

Turn your incident reported into learning with the help of social learning platform. Stay connected.

Voice Observation

Record / report every incident with voice recording. No language barrier. Power of voice to report incident.

Group Messaging

Create group to discuss about new ideas, plan or developed risk reduction strategy. Staying connected has no boundaries.

Training Need Identification

Get your TNI done based on enterprise risk trend, audit recommendation and organise them centrally.

Video Announcement

Record video and communicate safety commitment to all. “Email is past,
Video is fast”.

Customization on the Go

No need to wait, start now

CLIDE office offers wonderful features of customisation at your end within seconds. Customise every form, report without programming skill as per your organisation need..

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CLIDEOffice Module


Invite participant based on training needs and organise the training records at one place. Capture training feedback online and get the insight about training offerings to improve training process.

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Tool box talk

TBT information bank helps offer standard TBT which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Recommend TBT topics based on risk trend through the organization.

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Design your own checklist template and use them for your organisation. Compare compliance data to know the trend and track your action plan for completion

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Record, report and investigate every near miss with the right team composition to develop recommendation for future non occurrence. Track the action plan till implementation.

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Enterprise Risk Management

CLIDE office enterprise risk management tool enables structural and systematic approach towards managing organisation risk. By supporting uniform risk assessment methodology and Standards, the tool provides an accurate understanding of risk across the organisation and clear visibility into the top risk trends. Real-time insight into risk management can help you make a decision to develop risk reduction strategies.

Mobile, Tablet and Laptop

Carry your data wherever you go.

We are cloud-based helping you access your data anytime anywhere for timely action on the go. Help you report incident with our amazing online or offline mode feature of our mobile app.

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Responsibility And Accountability

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

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