Welcome to Incident Investigation Contest !!

Incident Investigation contest is part of learning offering where you explore identify the reasons on what went wrong for the fatal incident. The incident happen when Peter was carrying our welding work in a tank. If you are the one who think you can identify all the possible reasons go for it and identify the reasons.  

 Contest Include

 01 Incident Video  

       What went wrong assessment

       Download Resources


 Contest Details

        Skill Level - Intermediate

         Duration - 20 Minutes

 Contest Rule

  • Enrol in the contest and start playing  

  • Contest can be taken once only

  • Chance to apply your knowledge in professional way

  • Showcase your score 

  • Watch the incident video multiple times before you attempt the assessment

 Learning Take Away:- 
  • Incident Investigation Process
  • Understand how to identify the reasons of incident
  • Various methods of incident investigation
  • Know how to use various methods
  • Apply 5 Why technique to identify the root causes
  • Identify Contributing Factor, Immediate Causes
  • How to propose recommendation
  • How to write the incident investigation report

 Contact Information
        For information related to this course please contact us -
         enquiry@clideg.com   86000 17966
This section will explain you on how to take the contest, its rule and at the same time learn how to analyse incident.
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