Issue Permits Effortlessly

Let your team issue the work permits effortlessly to minimise the hazards at the workplace.

Permit to work Risk Minimisation Tool Workflow


standard permit library


permit as per work


workflow for each permit

Close / Extend

the permit as per need

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PWS Tool  

Mobile / Web amazing features of PWS  let your team issue work permit as per work to ensure workplace are free of hazards before starting the work.

Amazing PWS App Offerings

Voice Recording

No need to type what you observe, simply voice record and let your team member listen to it.

Video / Image

Upload multiple observation video or images and edit the images with an online editing tool with text.

Geo Location

Permits are marked with geolocation for your team to identify exact location of the work.

Risk Assessment

Let your team carry out the risk assessment of the work to ensure hazards are minimised.

Approval / Decline

Automated the approval process for each permit when are the issued to track the approval in real time.

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Notification and Escalation

You already know that you can specify certain responses and fields to trigger notifications to supervisors for follow-ups, but the PWS module notification capabilities go beyond that. With escalated notifications, you can specify individuals to follow up on permit closure time if action is not taken by a supervisor after a specified length of time.

PWS App Features

*Invite Team 

Invite team members for discussion to decide the right control measure to resolve. 


Auto-escalation matrix helps you escalate the PWS if they are not closed or extended.

*Resolve Reminder

Smart alerts ensure that you are reminded about resolving the hazards and updates associated with it.


The team can discuss, resolve issues, regardless of the channel, it was started on. 

The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong PWS process  

PWS Mobile tool is strong and easy.