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I Easy to use help desk

  • Simply post your query through online pannel

  • Get call from you KAM

  • Resolve the issue on the go

  • Automate with a personal touch.

I Resolve Issue Faster 

Quick online call

  • Collaborate tool helps resolve the issue faster

  • Assigned KAM for a casework closely with you without losing the visibility into the progress. 

  • Get smart recommendation of relevant answers. 

  • Case updation based on frequently asked questions.

I Collaborate Easily 

Quick connect

  • Use mentioned key words to quickly get the attention of KAM

  • Create online ticket and track the issue for completion

  • Collaborate with KAM seamlessly

  • Establish business hours to set response expectations and support

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CLIDEOffice S.A. can be customised as per the need of the organisation. The inbuilt customisation tool makes if easy for organisation to built its own workflow and map the processes. CLIDEOffice can be integrated with some of the other standard application to make it an enterprise solution.

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Workflow Management

With CLIDEOffice web application and mobile app its easy for organisations to manage the workflow on mobile. 90% of your workflow and business processes can be mapped on mobile with inbuilt workflow management tool.

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Team can collaborate in real time to execute project task or schedule task to achieve the goals and objective. Collaboration provides every team member with equal opportunities to participate and communicate their ideas

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