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The solution to the bigger problem is not one, this is the reason our features list is big enough to give a reason to achieve the "zero Harm goal.

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all feature for "0"

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I Predictive Analysis

CLIDEAnalyser Safety Application advances predictive analysis tool helps you analyze the safety data and predict the various future trends. Knowing the future trend based on big data analysis helps you make precious decisions for developing a risk reduction strategy and reduce incidents.
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Identify the tends and see how the future will look like.

CLIDEAnalyser Safety Application has amazing features over and above only being a software application as it helps organizations in creating generative / learning safety culture.

Employee Engagement

Interactive activities can be designed to engage employees for various safety initiatives in the organization. The more the engagement ratio, lesser is the chance of an incident. With the employee engagement tool, measure the engagement ratio and create a safer workplace.  

Rewards & Recognition

Employees respond to appreciation at work, especially when it is expressed through recognition of their efforts because it confirms their work is valued. Rewards and recognition tools helps you automate the process and distribute appreciation badges to top performers.

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CLIDEAnalyser S.A. can be customized as per the need of the organization. The inbuilt customization tool makes if easy for organizations to build its own workflow and map the processes. CLIDEAnalyser can be integrated with some of the other standard applications to make it an enterprise solution.

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Workflow Management

With CLIDEAnalyser web application and mobile app, it's easy for organizations to manage the workflow on mobile. 90% of your workflow and business processes can be mapped on mobile with an inbuilt workflow management tool.

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Team can collaborate in real time to execute a project task or scheduled task to achieve the goals and objectives. Collaboration provides every team member with equal opportunities to participate and communicate their ideas

  Data Drive Decision Making

Enterprise risk management tool enables the structural and systematic approach towards minimizing organization risk. By supporting uniform risk assessment methodology and standards, the tool provides an accurate understanding of risk across the organization and clear visibility into the top risk trends. Real-time insight into risk management can help you make data-driven safety decisions to develop risk reduction strategies.

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Your Data is all over the place

Safety data and interactions spread across the organization can hinder your team's ability to collaborate. CLIDEAnalyser cloud solutions let you team access data to collaboration in real-time and let your team engage anytime anywhere to  craft safety strategy . Empower your team with the most powerful tool while they are making string decisions for achieving "Zero".

Unleash growth potential to achieve"Zero" for the organization.

Join us and make your company a safer place.