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Safety Engagement

Engaging your workforce in safety activities was never so easy as it is with CLIDEOffice Safety App.  
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    Record effortlessly


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                      CLIDEOffice Engage App  

                      An engaged employee in safety activities reports more hazards which will help you reduce the risk at the workplace. 

                      Benefits of employee engagement tool 
                      - Experience less incident

                      - More NM reporting
                      - More productivity
                      - High Moral 

                      Engage App Tool offered 


                      Share safety thoughts in mintes like images, videos or text to engage your workforce in related activities 


                      Run campaigne to collect suggestion from employees on any topics and reward them for partcipation. 


                      Develop short contest of quiz to engage employee on any topics in real time. Gamification tool to engage.


                      Collect what emloyee has to think on a particular barrier of safety suggestion in real time. Collect the vioce. 

                      Safety Thought

                      Capture live safety engaging videos related to risk, hazard, vision, promotion, and awareness with CLIDEOffice video capturing tool and share it in no time with your workforce.

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                      Engage employees to reduce incident trend 
                      Improve the engagement levels of workforces in the organisation with timely update and actionable insights  

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                      Get Actionable Insight

                      Get an insight into the workforce engagement level in the organization about safety activities to create an actionable strategy for the future.

                      Measurable goals are managed well. Start measuring your employee engagement level in safety to achieve the "Zero Harm" vision.

                      Engage App Features

                      *Share  Image

                      Capture critical hazard images to create awareness about it among the workforce.

                      *Share Video

                      Records and share safety videos on high-risk activity and many more.


                      Let your workforce share videos and thoughts on safety to build followers.

                      *Care to Share 

                      Create your "CARE" campaign video channel to show your commitment to safety .

                      Reward and Recognise

                      Reward top  performer  in the organization to improve the engagement level. CLIDEOffice automated reward and recognition process takes care to reward your top performer so that you remain hassle-free.

                      Distribute  badges and certificates with CLIDEOffice e-tool to keep your workforce  motivated. Build an engaged workforce to achieve "Zero Harm" vision .

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                      Create a Learning Culture

                      Let learning happen on the go without any further restrictions. 

                      Data-Based Decision  

                      Big data analytics dashboard help you identify the workforce engagement level and make decision to strengthen it further.


                      Comparative dashboard let you and your team develop action plan today for the future to create engaged worklplace to reduce the incident trend. 

                      Critical Activities

                      Engage in the most critical activities based on location, zone, department, contractor and plant which may lead to incident in future

                      The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have an engaged workforce.

                      Improve engagement level with Engage App.