Contractor Safety Management

Get your contractors on board with the CSM app and monitor the entire life cycle for the contractor. Define safety KPIs for each contractor to drive the "Zero Harm" vision. 

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    CMS Workflow


    contractors with pre-assessment 

    Define KPIs

    based on the scope of the work  


    performance in real-time and a top performer


    deviation and develop a corrective action plan

    CSM App Benefits  

    CSM app is a collection of integrated management processes that control the risks associated with contractor management on an ongoing, real-time basis. 

    Engage your contractor in safety activities and make them responsible for their own safety performance.

    CSM App offerings


    Give your contractor a login wherein they can manage safety activities and define goals for "Zero Harm" Vision.


    Create RACI matrix for managing safety performance to create contractor accountability.


    Create KPIs for contractors to manage the safety performance. Auto escalates the issues if not achieved.  


    Auto send customized role-based reports to each contractor to monitor safety performance. 

    Performance Report

    Analyze Trends

    Automated charts and trend analysis help your team analyze contractor safety performance to make a strong decision towards reducing the risk. Get a list of top performer contractors' on leadership boards to reward them. 

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    Onboard contractor effortlesly 
    Assign contractor based on plant, project, location, zone, or other preferences.

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    Forecast Accurately

    CSM pulls together all date related to KPIs and indicates how much risk is associated with each contractor along with future predictions.

    It also helps you visualize how the future KPI's trend will look like so that we can make decisions today to make tomorrow safer.

    CSM APP Features

    Manage the entire life cycle for contractor


    Get the pre-assessment score for the contractor to know where they stand in terms of safety


    Rate the contractor on the basis of risk or based on the scope of work or based on the project risk.


    Develop an end-end safety strategy to achieve zero harm vision with real-time predictive data for each contractor.


    The team can discuss resolve issues, regardless of the channel, it was started on to monitor the perfomace.

    Analyze Effortlessly

    Let your team make a strong data-driven decision based on contractor safety performance.

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    Data-Based Decision  

    The big data analytics dashboard helps identify the contractor severity trends and make the decision to reduce risk.

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    The comparative dashboard lets you and your team develop an action plan today for the future to create a safe workplace.

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    Critical Activities

    Identify the most critical activities for each contractor based on predictive data analysis which may lead to incident in future

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    Reward and Recognise

    Reward top  performer  contractor  in the organization to improve performance levels. CLIDEAnalyser automated reward and recognition process takes care to reward your top performer so that you remain hassle-free.

    Distribute badges and certificates with the CLIDEAnalyser e-tool to keep your contractor motivated. Build an engaged contractor workforce to achieve the "Zero Harm" vision.

    The first step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong performance evaluation process for contractors.  

    CMS Mobile tool is strong and easy.