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Create Effortlessly

Creating and customizing your audit schedule as per the organization's need is very easy now with the audit app. Develop your standard audit templates with the workflow for each. 

Audit App Workflow


Audit template 


customization for each form


team to each audit


Collecting the data


Audit App

Not making a decision is, in fact, a decision itself—and it carries incredible risks. Data visualization is a great enabler for decision-makers to view huge piles of data in one go. It beautifully puts together data in the form of visuals that help you identify trends and directions.

- Develop customize audit 
- Analyze the trend
- Make data-driven decisions 
- Data centralization

Audit App template designing features

Voice Recording

No need to type what you observe, simply voice record and let your team member listen to it.

Video / Image

Upload multiple observation video or images and edit the images with online editing tool with text.

Geo Location

Observation reported are marked with geolocation for your team to identify exact location.

Google Map

Inbuilt google map direct you to observation location showing the previous observation risk trend.

Analyze Trends

Automated charts and trend analysis help your team make a strong decision to reduce the risk of non-compliances.

Odoo • Text and Image

Assign customized audit to various location 
Collect the required data in no time by assigning the audit to various locations, projects,s or plants.

Odoo • Image and Text

Free Marketplace

A marketplace is a wonderful option for you to choose various  standard   audit for your organization Simply search the category type, watch the sample video, or check how the form looks like. If you find it useful, explore it in your application and start using it.

Create and Analyse Effortlessly 

Covert your excel audit sheets into wonderful data collection and analysis on the go.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Data-Based Decision  

Covert your business process of manual data collection into amazing online forms and collect the data at centralize place.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


A comparative dashboard let you and your team develop an action plan for creating a safer workplace.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Based on the data trends develop a safety strategy with an online collaborative approach from the CO audit app.

Amazing Features

Simple and fast to use so you can build an audit template in five minutes.
Choose from a variety of pre-built templates.
Share the audit with your team to collaborate. 

There are options for short- and long-answer text boxes, checkboxes, multiple-choice selections, dropdown menus, file uploads, and more.

Odoo • Text and Image

The step towards creating a sustainable safety culture is to have a strong process to identify non-compliances for continuous improvement.   

Create audit templates in no time.